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The a Turtle Wax story started with the launch of the first-ever bottled car wax in 1944. Nearly 75 years later, the Most Innovative Brand in Car Care™ is still capturing the attention of the auto appearance category as the No. 1 selling brand in spray wax, car wash, carpet & fabric care, and more.  Product distribution is in more than 90 countries with the brand resonating around the globe. However, the brand’s heart remains in its hometown of Chicago, where award-winning innovation is developed to this day.

The Turtle Wax brand have produced a brilliant array of 3 Pressure Washers. A compact and easy to use TW110, the efficient and powerful mid range TW120 which both come with a 5 metre hose or the top of the range TW135 with unique accessory storage. These go hand in hand with the iconic brand to make any cleaning task light work. Designed to suit any budget.

There is also a wide range of accessories developed exclusively for Turtle Wax™ pressure washers. This allows these washers the versatility to perform jobs such as snow foaming your vehicles, clearing and cleaning of guttering. Floor surfaces such as patio and decking using the rotating jet floor cleaner or a 90 degree nozzle to make gutter cleaning easy. Larger surface areas such as vans, caravans, and boats can be cleaned using either the fixed or rotating brushes.

All Pressure Washers and accessories can be purchased directly from Trade Counter Direct, Amazon or Ebay. 

If you are interested in becoming a stockist of Turtle Wax Pressure Washers please get in touch with us on [email protected]

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If you are interested in the Pressure Washers then please email us on [email protected].

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