How do I clean my patio and decking with my Turtle Wax pressure washer?

How do I clean my patio and decking with my Turtle Wax pressure washer?

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Is patio and decking cleaning a chore you dread?

With the Turtle Wax Pressure Washers and Patio Cleaner Head you can make the hard work a thing of the past, and save time cleaning away the dirt and grime that can build up throughout the seasons.


The Turtle Wax Pressure Washer and Patio Cleaner helps your deck or patio retain its brand new appearance. If you are using it for preventative measures or to remove spills and stains it will help your patio and decking keep its brand new appearance.  

The Patio Cleaner ensures optimum results over large and small areas with minimum effort. With a combination of easy manoeuvrability and splash free cleaning it makes the Turtle Wax Patio Cleaner one of the easiest to use in the market. It offer continuous adjustment of the pressure to the cleaning surface and allows for easy cleaning of sensitive and non-sensitive surfaces such as wood and stone.

Follow our top tips on the best ways to clean your patio and decking :-

  1. Remove your outdoor furniture, flower pots and other garden items from the surface area you are looking to clean. This will assist in giving you more of a uniform finish .
  2. Sweep up or remove loose or large debris.
  3. Connect up your pressure washer, or take a look at our range of pressure washers to find the right one for you.
  4. Add a multi-purpose detergent to your Turtle Wax pressure washer.
  5. All of the Turtle Wax pressure washers in the range have the power to clean especially on wooden surfaces.
  6. Connect your Patio Cleaner to your Turtle Wax Pressure Washer of choice, all of our accessories use simple and solid push fit connections making for easy setup.
  7. Use a long sweeping motion to clean your deck or patio surface using sweeps that overlap each other. This prevents inconsistent results once dry.

Other good to knows:

  1. When cleaning wooden decking, always clean in the direction of the wood grain.
  2. Corners are best cleaned using the pressure washer gun aimed into the corners , spraying any debris out in a long “L” shaped sweep.

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