Which Turtle Wax Pressure Washer is right for me?

Which Turtle Wax Pressure Washer is right for me?

Which Pressure Washer is right for me? | Turtle Wax Pressure Washers Guide

To choose the best one for you it is worth taking time to think about what you’ll be cleaning, how dirty it will be and how often you’ll use it. That way you can find one that has the right power and features for your cleaning jobs. 

The Turtle Wax Pressure Washers come in 3 sizes. Our compact TW110 to our larger trolley-style TW135 which has on-board storage for an array of cleaning accessories. 

Below we break down for you the Turtle Wax range and their features.


The smallest in the range is the TW110, its compact design makes it easy to store even in the smallest areas. It has a portable design with a broad base which increases its stability and also has storage for the accessories, 5 metre hose and the cable. This pressure washer has a 1400w motor which produces a 110 bar pressure spray. 

The TW110 is the perfect for cleaning small areas of lightly soiled paving, bicycles, small cars and garden furniture. 


Our mid range TW120 combines a 5 metre hose, storage for accessories, easy manoeuvrability – it has large wheels and an extended handle – with an efficient and powerful 1600w motor creating a 120 bar pressure spray. 

Quick and easy push fit connections make it easy to set up and the TW120 has a push fit detergent bottle which reduces cleaning time by quickly applying soap with an auto-stop safety system.

This makes it suitable for cleaning domestic garden paved areas and decking, cars and 4x4s. 


The TW135 is the largest in the Turtle Wax range, designed to take on an array of tasks with ease. The TW135 has an 8 metre hose and reel, an 1800w motor that produces 135 bar of pressure with a 3 way pressure spray nozzle. This pressure washer can be wall mounted for ease of storage plus all your accessories can be stored within the front of the device. 

It’s power makes it suitable for cleaning extensive areas of paving, grimy 4x4s, commercial vehicles and caravans.

All pressure washers have simple and solid push fit connections making for easy set up. A quick fit water filtered hose connector is supplied and they all have an auto-stop system.

These washers have the ability to clean patios . Made easier with our Patio Cleaner Kit and also guttering with the addition of the 90 degree Nozzle attachment

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